You can do it with the right knowledge!
You’ll probably be thinking :

Should I buy, sell or hold on to my property?

Can I really upgrade my current property?

How can I achieve this and where do I start from?

Majority of my clients is earning a salary range of $6K - $8K per month. After adopting my Personalised Assets Progression Strategy, they have successfully upgraded their existing HDB Flat to their dream home.
With a HDB Flat, my Clients have :

Upgraded to a condominium of their choice;

Owned 2 properties and received monthly passive income;

Earned a pool of reserve funds;

Definitely a better life with style.

Let's take a look at Mr and Mrs Tan case study.

Mr and Mrs Tan, both 35 years old, were owners of a 4-room HDB flat. Their initial plan was to either fully pay off their flat or upgrade to a maisonette.

However, after my detailed analysis, calculation and offering various options tailored to their needs, they had realised and learnt a better way of managing their assets with my proven STRATEGIES.

With my Asset Progression Strategies, they managed to :

- Upgrade to a condominium

- Purchase a 2nd property for investment

- Earn extra funds for their own use

They had achieved the above without touching any of their hard-earned savings and even have a CASH reserve of $130k with my meticulous calculations and conservative planning.

Why Have They Decided To Upgrade?
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If you have bought your HDB Flat before 2013, and have a combined income of $6k and above,

You can achieve more with your asset beyond your imagination!

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Let's say you are thinking of upgrading your property to a $500k HDB or a $1mil condo.

Initially, Mr and Mrs Tan were considering the following options:

Option 1: Upgrading to a $500K HDB Flat; or

Option 2: Upgrading to a $1mil condominium.

Which option do you think it works better for them?

You’ll probably be thinking that option 2 would require them to come up with higher cash outlay and monthly mortgage commitments.

These are exactly what Mr and Mrs Tan’s concern.

Every move that you take in relation to your property is a very crucial step that impacts your retirement plan.

In the above case study, Mr and Mrs Tan would reach the retirement age of 65 years old in 30 years time.

Based on the average age of life expectancy in Singapore which is at 85 years old, Mr and Mrs Tan would expect to live for another 20 years after their retirement.

Assuming they spend only $3K per month,

$3,000 X 20 years = $720,000

This would be the retirement sum that they need to live on.

 Another assumption where they decided to sell off their property and downgrade to a $300K HDB Flat for retirement :

If they had chosen option 1 in our earlier example, they would have owned a $500K HDB Flat that is fully paid.

After selling this $500K HDB Flat and moving over to a $300K HDB Flat, they would have a proceed of $200K.

With the monthly expenditure of $3K mentioned above, they would have used up this proceed of $200K in 6 years.


If they had chosen option 2, they would have owned a fully paid condominium of $1mil.

After selling the $1mil condominium and moving over to the $300K HDB Flat, they would have a proceed of $700k instead.

This proceed can last them for 20 years for the same monthly expenditure of $3K.


Unlike Mr and Mrs Tan where you do not have any plans in mind during your early years and you want to :


Stay put in your existing flat, as year goes by, the balance lease gets shorter, eventually you may have to return your flat to the state when the 99-year lease is up; or

Sell your existing flat upon reaching your retirement age, you would have lesser cash proceeds due to CPF accrued interest, your buyers may have limited usage of CPF for Flats below 60 years and lastly, you will be competing with the new and upcoming BTO Flats.

Asset progression with extra funds gained can be made possible especially for owners that are 26 to 50 years old.
This is the ideal age for you to grow your assets as you qualify for more loan due to its tenure.
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  • A 4-step financial calculation process, including additional costs like legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duty, etc.
  • A far-sighted “roadmap” that will allow you to retire comfortably
  • Upgrade your living space and lifestyle, restructure your existing property portfolio.
  • How you can gain extra income from your property.
  • How you can increase your property assets progression.
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    About Justin Siow

    I am a Real Estate Strategist where I have helped many owners successfully upgrade through asset progression.

    My motto for running this career is 'Transforming lives, Fulfilling dreams' which I hope I can make a difference in my client's life and they can leave a legacy for themselves and their next generation.

    What Some Of My Clients Say

    We will like to extend our gratitude to Justin Siow for his professionalism and expertise.

    Our initial plan was to upgrade our curret HDB 5broom flat to a condo in the east of Singapore. Since our direction was clear, we thought that it will be easy to execute on our own without engaging agent so as to save on agent's commission. We came to know Justin through his usal cold calling. After meeting Justin, he totally blew our mind off. He is able to share with us on different proposals based on our financial status which we never thought of. Different strategies, analysis and charts are used to tailor to our needs. He is able to show us how we can realize our dreams through step-by-step financial plans. We are now staying in the condo that we like and are proud owners of 2 private properties in Singapore. Best of all, we are paying a lesser monthly instalment as compare to our initial plan of buying one condo. On top of that, we are still able to set aside $100k of savings for rainy days. All these will not be able to realize without detailed planning and excellent execution from Justin.

    Lastly, we would like to thank Justin again for the outstanding level of service you ahve rendered and you have deserve my recommendation to my circle of network to engage your service. I am convinced that technology may be advance in today's market but some things are still irreplaceable like the property journet experience I had with Justin.

    With warm regards,

    Mr & Mrs Lim


    We will like to express our gratitude to Justin Siow for his service excellence and professionalism.

    We wanted to upgrade our current HDB 5 room flat to somewhere near my child's school. We had spoken to a number of real extate agents but all of them just gave me the impression that they just want our business. We came to know Justin while he was doing his cold calling at our estate. Upon meeting him, through his sharing, we were impressed and amazed by his knowledge and analysis on the market sentiments. He listened to our needs and is able to propose a detail and tailored property plan based on our financial health. From that moment, we know that he isdifferent from the rest of the agents that we met previously. As such, we decided to engage him for our property plan. He is able to deliver what he had planned for and even surpass our expectations for the selling our HDB. With his detailed timeline planning, we are stress-free for the entire selling and buying transaction.

    Besies fulfilling our upgrading plan, he had advised and shown that we are able to own a 2nd property without touching our savings. In addition, we are still able to have a saving of $150k for any unforeseen circumstances. We are now in the process of buying our 2nd property as Justin had again proven through calculated risk and potential upside. We are excited in our property investment journey. Never imagine in our life that we can own more than 1 property without compromising our lifestyle. We are looking forward to our 5 years plan that Justin had plan for us.

    Lastly, we would like to thank Justin again for the outstanding levelof service you have rendered and will refer my friends and relatives to engage your service.

    With warm regards,

    Mr & Mrs TC Tan